Who the freaking fudge are we ?

So you like your cocktails fresh and colorful? And your tea chilly in the summer and steaming hot on those cold winter days? Well we can’t do that for you… But don’t click away just yet. We can however help you to let your beverages stand out. Spice things up like the spice girls did back in the day with your own Boite à Boire. We throw some random herbs, we find quit fancy, in your box and send it to your doorstep. Oh, and we provide you with some fine recipes -which you probably have never heard of- for you to show off to your friends @ your next party (which will be legen…wait for it…dary!).

If these arguments aren’t enough. If you’re an alienated person who lives in a cave and thinks hospitals serve the best food. We are also deeply involved with the preservation of the rainforest and the saving of Dab, the star dodo of Ice Age. So we chose to go nuts with hard carton boxes. After all, bamboo and other sorts of wood are over rated. As a result, our Boite à Boire is dodo friendly and will look fabulous on every table.

If you skipped the text above due to the astonishing length and rigor of it: it’s all awesome…


Wow, I know right, looks good doesn't it?



The Herbs


How to order

What are the options of ordering this awesome boite.

  • Option 1

    This website, Duh...

    On the bottom of this website you will find a contact form you can fill in in a jiffy. This will be answered by one of our amazing team members in no time so you have the little black box super duper fast.

  • Option 2


    Ever heard of an email? It's crazy right. It's like a mail but not really because it is online. No we are just messing with you. You can always order one by mailing to our facebook page of course !

  • Option 3

    Know your Rep.

    This is probably the fastest and most fun way (for us) to obtain you boite. You can buy it from one of our team members and have you mixed up, shaken not strirred, or the other way around in no time.

  • What are
    you waiting

Our Tastefull Team

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Lead Marketeer

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Human relations

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